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Building “Hello Juice” into a recognized,branded,fresh juice,multi-site retailer.

Hello Juice is a fresh, happy and healthy brand which retails natural fruit juice drinks and smoothies, soft drinks, yoghurts, fruit salads and soups.The word “hello” is strong, inviting and indicates a sharing of the drinks with our customers.

The slogan “say hello to actual fruit” reflects the owners commitment to customer service and recipes that use actual fruit ingredients.

Supporting the brand, is the slogan “say hello to actual fruit”. The use of the slogan is intended to be bold and assertive by reference to the word “actual” and to stand Hello Juice apart from its competitors, many of whom use syrups and sugars as the base to their drinks.

The freshness of the essential ingredients that make up the drinks and the owners creativity within the recipes (both in names and flavours) are designed to interact with the consumers so as to build a loyal customer base, and to keep the drinks playful, fresh and relevant to trending flavours so that sales are always being optimized. Sales growth in each store is driven by exceptional customer service,building loyalty and repeat business, but also by educating customers as to the flavours and variations in the retail drinks. Smoothies appeal to the older demographics whilst the younger demographics prefer the fruit based juices/drinks. Emma Gong is responsible for developing new drinks and ensuring the sales team collect customer feedback as to the preferred tastes.

By rebranding its current Werribee store, and its related company’s Geelong store by July 2016, the Company will use this base to structure the footprint of future store locations and of their operating processes which in turn will empower the roll out into new store locations.


The Company briefed Malt Creative, a Melbourne based design studio,in December 2015 to create a new brand/logo. Their retail experience is extensive – refer Hello Juice was born after visiting the Pacific Werribee location and undertaking a detailed assessment of the juice retail outlet market.The brand features aspects of the fruit, modern lettering, with the creative rolling across uniforms, cups, menus, promotional items, and environmental background.

The brand and logos extends to the web, which is designed to not only promote the drinks but also the healthy and playful aspects of the drinks.The web has flexibility to add membership and corporate pages as the business grows. Within the brand roll out, is a facebook platform to enable promotional and membership sales/sharing.

Our Vision — Hello Juice Provide a healthy and natural juice taste experience to customers so that each shop becomes a destination for drinks using actual fruit within the drinks.Paramount to this vision is the great tasting and healthy drinks (and supplementary products) and exceptional and knowledgeable customer service.Hello Juice staff are trained to build a loyal and repeat customer base,and interact with customers so that their Hello Juice drink preferences can be met. This enables the stores to develop new drink combinations and obtain feedback as to the perfect combinations of flavours. This cycle maintains the development and freshness of Hello Juice’ recipes and menus during the seasonal weather patterns as well as over time.

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